Ben Hodson

Ben Hodson

0411 060 584

Founded in 2010, The Pearl Film Company was created to support Ben Hodson in his creative ambition to deliver high-end productions to a diverse range of clients and platforms.

Beginning his career at the multi-award-winning film production company Exit Films. Ben quickly developed an ability to Direct and Produce high-end television commercials for traditional broadcast platforms.

Producing the environmental short film GIVE FRANK A BREAK starring comedian Frank Woodley (which premiered at FLICKERFEST 2014) and Second Unit Directing the Australian feature film THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL (2017).

He directed and co-produced the TV pilot ROAD STORIES (2004) shot by cinematographer Adam Arkapaw and Directed the black comedy short, DEAD AND BURIED starring Charlie Clausen (from Tofop) - winning multiple audience awards and was a finalist at The Canberra Short Film Festival.

Ben is a proud supporter of several philanthropic and environmentally focussed initiatives such as Ripe for Change, Australian Marine Conservation Society and YGAP for which he directed and produced multiple television commercials supporting their hugely successful Polished Man campaign.

His successful podcast THE HUNGRY GARDENER continues to scale its listeners, supporting leaders in the sustainable food and gardening arena.

He can be contacted for creative projects at: